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Nicolas Fèvre



PigVenture is a RPG mobile game for Android developped during my 2nd semester at UTC. This game is based on Reignes or Dice Hunter, and has been developped with Maxime Benhamou.


In the PigVenture game, you embody a pig which has to use its smartness and forceness to master the big bad wolf. You will travel in different countries and looking for the 5 dices, which will help you to defeat the big bad wolf!




To advance through the plot of the game, you use a simple "Yes" or "No" interaction. Based on Tinder concept, you swipe to the left or to the right to resolve situation.

However, you have to be careful about your gauge level, on the top of the screen. These gauges level depend on your choices done with the cards. The objectif is to never reach 0 or 10. If you do: game over.


The PigVenture world is huge! You can play and enjoy different kind of landscapes and atmosphere: mountains, volcano, jungle, desert and frozen world.

These 4 main characters will appear during your game. In order to advance through the game you have to beat them or help them!