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Nicolas Fèvre



Nowadays, in France, the actual social state is becoming tough for the health workforce. Hospital, and health center place are hit by budget cut. That is why doctors and health care staff do not have the time to take care about all their patients.
One kind of patients are more hurt by this problem: kids.
Most of the time, kids stay at hopital for a long duration. And because of this lack of care staff kids are stressful, alone and get bored quickly.


The goal of this project was to create a tool which can help kids to comfort themself, reassure, take them on journey and if possible help them to forget their medical therapy.


We developped 3 elements which work together :



The teddy's aim is to make the kids feel empathy: let themself recognize in him. Also, all the kids have their own teddy, that is why, it can make easier the sociabilisation between kids in the hospital.


This game room is within the hospital, and allows kids to meet themself and take part to game event. The kids can find a special game table in the game room. This table is developped to welcome teddy. When Teddy is connected to the table, the kids can play together and enjoy games with their teddy.
Therefore, someone specially trained for the game room is with kids to help and support them. This person is able to give virtual awards to the kids. Kids receive these prizes on their tablet: they can play to collect it with other kids.


The tablet is a tool which connect kids with all this universe. Thanks to the tablet they can access to all the collected prizes, a week planning, and a market place where kids can exchange their success points for real teddy accessories.