Enosis application


Enosis is a mobile application developped during my Bachelor of Science in Web Development.
It allows you to find places near your campus where students share the same point of interest you have. Enosis is dedicated to new student at Bordeaux University campus.


We realized that the communication between the university and its students is getting old. The Bordeaux University only use email and poster to communicate information to students. That is why, we have thought about a mobile application which can connect students and university.


More than just a platform where school can send information to students, Enosis is also an application where students can find places into the campus and can know the hobbies of the people already in these places. This make easier for anyone to find places which corresponds to their point of interest.


The first step give us a global view of other solutions and how are they processing.


After making focus group together in order to get solutions and new ideas from a small group of students, we started to develop mockups to prioritize information.


Music style choice

Point of interest

Point of interest detail


Organized by the Bordeaux University, we won the first price, which provide us the necessary funding to continue the adventure!

Student Demo Cup